The screen of the annual observances (年中行事障子)

The screen of the annual observances is a self-standing screen which was put in Hirobisashi (broad eaves) adjacent to Seiryoden (literally "Limpid Cool Hall," an imperial summer palace) and faced to the Upper Door (an entrance to the courtiers' hall).

FUJIWARA no Mototsune originated it in April 17, 885. The observances between January and June were listed on the one side of the screen (East side) and those between July and December, on the other side (West side), and the observances of the month were listed after December's. While abolished official events and kokki (national mourning) were crossed out, newly established ones were added temporarily, and it was rewritten as needed.
The part of official events in "Gunsho ruiju" (Collection of historical documents compiled by Hokiichi HANAWA) contains 'text on the screen of the annual observances' and "Kinpisho" (a book written by Emperor Juntoku, which records the history and origin of imperial court ceremonies and sets forth the rules and etiquette for carrying out such ceremonies) says as follows:
The screen of annual observances.'
It faces to the Upper Door.'
Events in spring are listed in the east side.'
It stands alone in a hallway.'

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