Nakamura Tomijuro V (中村富十郎 (5代目))

Tomijuro NAKAMURA V (June 4, 1929 -) is a kabuki actor. His yago (trade name) is Tennojiya (kabuki). Jomon (family crest) is eight hawk's feather shaped in a wheel shape. His real name is Hajime WATANABE. He is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure).

His father is Tomijuro NAKAMURA IV, and his mother is Tokuho AZUMA from a head family of a school for Japanese dancing.

Brief Personal History
He made his first appearance on stage in August 1943 by the name, Tsurunosuke BANDO IV, performing as Kocho of "Kagamijishi" (The Lion Dance) at Osaka Nakaza theater.

In April 1964, he succeeded to the name, Takenojo ICHIMURA VI, performing as Shigeyasu HATAKEYAMA and others of "Yoritomo no shi" (The Death of Yoritomo) at Kabukiza theater.

In September 1972, he succeeded to the name, Tomijuro NAKAMURA V, performing as Higuchi in "Sakaro" and "Musume Dojoji" (The Maiden at Dojo-ji temple) at Kabukiza theater.

History of awarded prize
Theatron Prize
Theatron Prize
Mayama Seika Award
Award of the Japan Art Academy
Shiju hosho (medal of honor with purple ribbon)
Received Matsuo Prize of Entertainment Grand Prize, and recognized as Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure)
A member of the Japan Art Academy
Mayama Seika Award
Bunkakorosha (Person of Cultural Merits)

When he was to succeed to the name of Takenojo VI, Takenojo's professional name was considered to be the childhood name of Uzaemon ICHIMURA, and this family name was a noble one for the Uzaemon ICHIMURA family. It was said that wishes of Tetsuji TAKECHI, his master, had strong influence on this succession, but during kojo (a ceremony to announce that an actor takes a new stage name), he received a remark 'He is essentially, not the person who should succeed to the family name of Takenojo', from the leader of troupe Uzaemon ICHIZAWA XVII, which may be taken as a severe criticism, and the discord with Tachibana head family was clearly brought to light.

In 1996, he married a former actress who was 33 years younger then him. His first son Dai was born in 1999, and his first daughter Aiko was born in 2003, and since the latter was born when Tomijuro was at the age of 74, it became a great subject of conversation. In 2001, his first son Dai made his first appearance on the stage by taking the name Dai NAKAMURA, and in November of 2005, he succeeded to the name, Takanosuke NAKAMURA I.

Tomijuro declared publicly that he would make Takanosuke, who is referred to as "Mame tennojiya" to succeed the family name when he turned 20 years-old, and Tomijuro's latest goal is to vie with Takanosuke in "Musume Dojoji" (The maiden at Dojoji Temple) at the Kyogen where he will make an announcement of his succession. It is said that there are many requests coming from his fans in the back stage that they would like to see the father and son in "Renjishi" (A string of Lions) soon.

Artistic style
He is known to be the greatest tachikata (actors playing male roles) of the day, and a master of dancing. When he was performing actively mainly in Kamigata (Kyoto and Osaka) at a younger age, he was called 'Senkaku duo' along with Tojuro SAKATA for their beauty, and won immense popularity. During this time, he also participated in Takechi Kabuki, and it is crucial that he came in touch with and actively experienced its experimental techniques and learned of the dignity and interpretations of the classics. In addition, the fact that he performed Azuma Kabuki as Japanese dance at performance in Europe and America with his mother after the war, gave both moral and material effect on his art as Tomijuro himself described.

On the other hand, after he went to Tokyo, along with the smart artistic style of Uzaemon XV, he became Shoroku ONOE II's pupil and learned extensively of the art of Kikugoro ONOE's sewamono (the realistic genre of a play that deals with life and current events of the common people) as well as aragoto (kabuki play featuring exaggerated posture, makeup, and costume) and the dancing which was Shoroku's forte. In the Heisei era, he was praised for making a great pair with Jakuemon NAKAMURA IV, and left behind a masterpiece such as 'Ninin Wankyu' (Love Story of Wankyu and Matsuyama). He had many successful roles, but he especially had intense feelings towards 'Kyo Kanokomusume Dojoji" (The Maiden at Dojoji Temple) as his family's specialty that Tomijuro I performed for the first time, and he put it out on performance when he succeeded to the name of Tomijuro V. One is able to get some idea of how excellent his performance was, from the tremendous acclaim by Shotaro IKENAMI who seldom praised the actors of the day.

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