Toyoakari no sechie (豊明節会)

The Toyoakari no sechie festival is the Imperial Court ceremony held on Daijosai (first ceremonial offering of rice by newly-enthroned Emperor), held on the days of the Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, and Horse (note: yuki no sechie (seasonal court banquet) held on the day of the Dragon, and suki no sechie held on the day of the Snake) as well as on the final day of the Niiname-sai festival (ceremonial offering by the Emperor of newly-harvested rice to the deities), held on the days of the Rabbit and Dragon. It was a kind of banquet in the presence of the Emperor, and shiroki (white sake) and kuroki (black sake) were served. It was something like a naorai (feast). In the Heian period, the festival was held mainly in the Burakuin hall and then in the Shishin-den Hall (hall for state ceremonies).

During the banquet, the Kumemai Dance, koshi-mai Dance, Gosechi no mai Dance (dances performed as part of the harvest festival) (see gagaku (ancient Japanese court dance and music) for reference), etc. were performed.

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