Uwanari (jealousy) ()

Uwanari is one of the eighteen best plays of kabuki by the Ichikawa family. The cover title at its premiere was "Isshin Gokai no Tama" (The Jewel of Five Worlds). In 1699, Danjuro ICHIKAWA (the first) first performed at Edo Nakamura-za Theater.

The story is about an extermination of the vengeful spirit of Fujitsubo driven by jealousy, but the script has not been handed down, so its detail is unknown. It's considered as a sort of "shittogoto" (the styles and techniques of portraying an extremely jealous woman).

It had long been unperformed, but was revived by Sansho ICHIKAWA (the fifth) (scripted by Shiko YAMAZAKI) in 1936, and by Shoroku ONOE (the second) (scripted by Ginsaku TOBE) respectively. Imagination inspired by such as "nishikie" (colored woodblock prints) was widely added to the both stories.

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