Chinu no Okimi (茅渟王)

Chinu no Okimi (year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial (royal) Family between the late sixth century and seventh the century in Japan. His name is also written 茅渟皇子 or 智奴王. His father was Oshisaka no Hikohito no Oenomiko (a son of the Emperor Bidatsu) and his mother was Omata no miko, a sister of Aya no Okimi. He was an older paternal half-brother of the Emperor Jomei. He married a daughter of the Prince Sakurai (Prince of the Emperor Kinmei), Kibihime no miko and had Takara hime (the Empress Kogyoku and the Emperor Saimei) and Karu no miko (Emperor Kotoku) as children.

There is no record about his achievement, while only the name of Chinu no Okimi appears on the genealogy. Yosinobu TSUKAGUCHI, a historian, insisted that he was the same person as Kudara no okimi who appeared in Sakyo Kobetsu (clans branched out from the Imperial Family) in "Shinsen Shojiroku" (Newly Compiled Register of Clan Names and Titles of Nobility); however, it does not seem to be certain. According to the "Engishiki" (an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers), he was buried in Kataoka no Ashitaka graveyard and Mr. Tsukaguchi guesses that to be Hirano Tsukaanayama Tumulus (square tumulus, 18 m sides, national historical site).

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