Emperor Go-Ichijo (後一条天皇)

Emperor Go-Ichijo (October 12, 1008 - May 15, 1036), the sixty-eighth Emperor, reigned during the middle Heian period (from 1016 to 1036). His posthumous name was Atsuhira.

Brief Personal History

He was the second prince of Emperor Ichijo. His mother was FUJIWARA no Michinaga's daughter, the second consort of an Emperor, FUJIWARA no Shoshi. There was a description of the Emperor in 'The Murasaki Shikibu Diary' that, when he was born, Michinaga had long waited to have a prince from the maternal side, so that he became the first glory of the Imperial Family.

On March 24, 1016, Emperor Go-Ichijo succeeded to the throne when he was eight years old, whereupon Michinaga became a regent and took control of politics in a dominant way. He had FUJIWARA no Ishi as the Emperor's second consort, she being Michinaga's daughter and the Emperor's aunt; it was unusual during this time for the Emperor not to have other empresses, but he had only two princesses and did not have any prince who could succeed to the Imperial Throne; the Emperor died young, at the age of 29. According to his will, his death was not announced and the enthronement ceremony was organized for Emperor Go-Suzaku.

The Imperial Mausoleum
It is located at Yoshida Kaguraoka-cho Town, in the Sakyo Ward of Kyoto City. It is called Bodaiju in no Misasagi.

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