Emperor Matsunaga (松良天皇)

Emperor Matsunaga (August 8, 1364 - May 24, 1417) was an ancestor of Yoshimasa MIURA, who advocated the orthodoxy of the Southern Court after World War II, and was the fourth Emperor of the MIURA Imperial Line. His imina (personal name) was Masayoshi or Masanaga, and his go (title) was Seiryu.

There were 2 lineages in the Southern Court, and since the false Emperor, Emperor Gokameyama, who was put in Yoshino Province as a distraction, made peace with Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA by falling into his snare, after the unification of Southern and Northern Courts in 1392, samurai throughout the country who were pro-Imperial lost their reason to support miyagata (Legitimate Succession of the Southern Court), and the power of miyagata only shrunk as time went by. When Emperor Matsunaga heard that Emperor Chokei died while traveling the country to recruit pro-Imperial samurai, he handed over the Imperial Throne to Imperial Prince Yoshinaga, his first Prince, and became the Cloistered Emperor Seiryu, and went into seclusion at Yakushi-do Hall in Daitsu-ji Temple, located at Goi Miyoshihara in Mikawa Province (present-day Aichi Prefecture Toyokawa City Goyu-cho Miyoshi).

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