Emperor Ninko (仁孝天皇)

Emperor Ninko (March 16, 1800 - February 21, 1846) was the 120th Emperor (his reign was from October 31, 1817 to February 21, 1846). His posthumous name was Ayahito.

Brief Personal History

He became the crown prince as an adopted son of his father's chugu (second consort of an emperor), Princess Yoshiko (Shin-Seiwa in), on March 24, 1809.

The Emperor was enthroned in 1817, and he put his efforts into the reconstruction of the ceremony of the Imperial Court, as his father, Emperor Kokaku, wanted him to do. The Emperor aimed to establish an educational facility for imperial families and the children of court nobles, and ordered the buke-denso (buke-tenso) (an imperial official in charge of communication between the samurai and the court), Sanemi TOKUDAIJI, to negotiate with the government of Edo. The Emperor died just after receiving the approval from the government and the plan was about to proceed. He was 47 years old.

A year after the Emperor's death (1847), an educational center for court nobles was established outside of Kenshun mon Gate at the Imperial Palace, thus realizing his last wish. This was a predecessor of the current Gakushuin University, which was built by Emperor Meiji's order.

Eras during his reign





The Imperial Mausoleum

The Emperor was entombed at Nochi no Tsuki no Wa no Misasagi, Senzan-cho Town, Imagumano, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City.

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