Emperor Rokujo (六条天皇)

Emperor Rokujo (December 28, 1164 - August 23, 1176) was the seventy-ninth Emperor in Japan. (his reign was from August 3, 1165 to March 30, 1168.)
His first name was Nobuhito.

He was the second Prince of Emperor Nijo, his birth mother was Okura Taifu, IKI no Muneto's daughter. His mother was Empress FUJIWARA no Ikushi, the daughter of the Minister of the left, Saneyoshi TOKUDAIJI.

Brief Personal History
He received the title of Prince by Imperial order when he was seven months and eleven days old (two years old by counting in the old Japanese way) and became Crown Prince, he then succeeded to the throne on the same day. (the youngest Emperor in the history)
Two months later, on August 27, the enthronement ceremony was held, however the ceremony was stopped because the Emperor started crying, his nanny (Kurodo no To, FUJIWARA no Kunitsuna's daughter Nariko) gave him some milk and he finally calmed down. (It is said that Tadachika NAKAYAMA, the quick witted state councilor, remarked that it was more important for the baby to have milk than have an enthronement ceremony.)
There was no way the young Emperor was able to rule the government, the regent, Motozane KONOE (Ikushi's older brother) and Kunitsuna officially took control of politics.

After two years and eight months of being in power, the Emperor abdicated and passed the throne to his uncle, Imperial Prince Norihito (later called Emperor Takakura) as it was insisted upon by the retired Emperor Goshirakawa. (the youngest retired emperor in the history)
After that, the Emperor did not get much attention from the public and he spent a lonely time, he died at the age of thirteen, without even having a coming-of age ceremony. (It is said that he died of dysentery.)
He did not have an Empress nor any children.

His father, Emperor Nijo tried to directly rule the government and was opposed to Goshirakawa, he put an end to Goshirakawa's cloister government by saying he was scheming to allow his half younger brother, Prince Norihito, ascend to the throne, and Norihito's uncle, TAIRA no Tokitada was sentenced to deportation, TAIRA no Norimori, FUJIWARA no Narichika and FUJIWARA no Nobutaka lost their positions. After Emperor Nijo died, Goshirakawa, who lost his political power, worked together with Kiyomori, and it is said that Imperial succession was passed from his nephew to his uncle in an unusual way.

Eras during his reign

Eiman (June 5, 1165) - August 27, 1166

Ninan August 27, 1166 - (April 8, 1169)

The Imperial mausoleum
The Emperor was entombed in Seikan-ji no Misasagi at Uta no Nakayama-cho Town, Seikan-ji, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City.

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