Emperor Shoko (称光天皇)

Emperor Shoko (May 12, 1401 - August 30, 1428), his reign was from October 5, 1412 to August 30, 1428, he was the hundred and first Emperor of the Muromachi period.
His first name was initially Mihito (躬仁), later changed to Mihito (實仁). (same name but different kanji character)

He was the first Prince of Emperor Gokomatsu. His mother was Gon Dainagon (an official position below Minister under the government based on the ritsuryo legal codes, equivalent to the rank of Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank)), Sukenori HINO's adopted daughter, Kohanmon-in, FUJIWARA no Sukeko (Sukeko HINO HISHI). His real father was Sukekuni HINO.

Brief Personal History
On August 29, 1412 he was enthroned after Emperor Gokomatsu passed the throne to him. (the enthronement date was December 19, 1414.)

He had a maternal relationship with Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA through the Hino clan, Sukekuni Hino's sister, Nariko (Gyoshi) was Yoshimitsu's wife.

According to the "Kanmon Nikki" (Kanmon Diary), Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA referred to the kanji character of the Emperor's initial posthumous name, 'Mihito', saying "it is not ideal to have an archery bow together with a body," he then consulted with Gakuin Ekatsu and changed the kanji character from '躬' (Mihito) to '實' (Mihito).

Although the retired Emperor Gokomatsu ruled the cloistered government at that time, since he was not well and did not have any children, he adopted Emperor Gohanazono from the Fushimi no Miya family to allow him to succeed to the Imperial throne. He did not achieve much and his younger brother, Ogawa no Miya died, he did not enjoy a good relationship with his father and it caused mental problems, he did not have much good fortune during his life.

He died on July 20, 1428 when he was twenty eight years old.

Posthumous name, Tsuigo, Different name
His posthumous name, 'Shoko-in,' was created by combining "sho," the first character from the name of Emperor Shotoku (the forty-eighth emperor, who was descended from Emperor Tenmu) and "ko," the first character from the name of Emperor Konin (the forty-ninth emperor, who was descended from Emperor Tenji).

Eras during his reign

Oei (August 29, 1412) - April 27, 1428

Shocho April 27, 1428 - (July 20, 1428)

The Imperial mausoleum
The Emperor was entombed in Fukakusa no Kita no Misasagi at Fukakusa Bo-cho Town, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

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