Hikami no Kawatsugu (氷上川継)

HIKAMI no Kawatsugu (year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial Family between the Nara period and the early Heian period. He was a great-grandchild of the Emperor Tenmu. His parents were the Prince Shioyaki (HIKAMI no Shioyaki) and the Imperial Princess Fuwa. His wife was FUJIWARA no Hofuichi, a daughter of FUJIWARA no Hamanari (the Western House of the Fujiwara clan). HIKAMI no Shikeshimaro was his maternal half-brother.
(A theory says that the two of them are the same person)

His father, the Prince Shioyaki was demoted from nobility to subject, and was granted Hikami no Mahito (the highest of the eight hereditary titles). Although the Prince Shioyaki was executed since he was supported to become a fake emperor in the FUJIWARA no Nakamaro's war in 764, Kawatsugu and his mother, the Imperial Princess Fuwa were not punished.

He was conferred Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) in 779. He became a provincial governor in Inaba Province in 782. On February 21, 782, YAMATO no Otohito, who was Kawatsugu's shijin (lower-rank officers provided to the Imperial or noble families and used as a guard or miscellaneous services), armed and intruded into the Imperial Place then arrested, and Otohiko confessed the Kawatsugu's rebellion. Kawatsugu ran away but he was arrested in Yamato Province. Despite the charge was worth the death penalty, he escaped the death punishment to the lower one, and exiled to Izu Province. The Imperial Princess Fuwa was exiled to Awaji Province, and also those who involved in this incident such as, his father-in-low, councilor FUJIWARA no Hamanari and OTOMO no Yakamochi, Guard chief SAKANOUE no Karitamaro were punished.
(HIKAMI no Kawatsugu's War)

Kawatsugu was forgiven his crime and returned to Kyoto in 806. He was back to the Jugoi again. He become Tenyaku no kami (the head of Tenyaku ryo, the Bureau of Medicine) in 809. He was appointed to the Governor of Izu Province in 812. There is no record of him afterwards on any history books; it is assumed that he died soon after.

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