Imperial Prince Hachijonomiya Yasuhito (八条宮穏仁親王)

Imperial Prince Hachijonomiya Yasuhito (June 15, 1643 - November 9, 1665) was a member of the Imperial family in the early Edo period. He was the third head of the Hachijonomiya (Katsura no miya) family. He was the 11th Prince of Emperor Gomizunoo. His mother was Hoshunmonin FUJIWARA no Takako (a daughter of Takachika KUSHIGE). His childhood name was Yuki no miya (or Sachi no miya), Wakamiya, or Akomaro.

Because Imperial Prince Hachijonomiya Toshitada didn't have an heir son, in 1654, Yasuhito was adopted by Toshitada and called Wakamiya or Akomaro. Because of the sudden death of his older brother Emperor Gokomyo, it was necessary for the Imperial court to secure nominees for the heir to the Imperial throne in order to prevent the extinction of imperial line. He received the title of Imperial Prince in 1655 and had a coming of age ceremony. He was granted Nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Princes) and appointed to Shikibusho (Ministry of Ceremonial). In August 1662, his foster father Imperial Prince Toshitada passed away and he succeeded to the Miyake (house of the imperial prince). He passed away on November 9, 1665. Died at the age of 23. His posthumous Buddhist name was Kongojuin.

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