Imperial Prince Koretaka (惟喬親王)

Imperial Prince Koretaka (844 - March 30, 897) was an Imperial family member during the early Heian period. He was Emperor Montoku's first Prince. His mother was KI no Natora's daughter, Koi (a lady in waiting in the court, a consort of the emperor), KI no Shizuko. His other name was Ononomiya. His real younger sister was Imperial Princess Tenshi.

His father, Emperor Montoku appointed his forth Prince, Imperial Prince Korehito (later called Emperor Seiwa) as Crown Prince, and tried to let Imperial Prince Koretaka succeed to the throne, however this did not happened as MINAMOTO no Makoto was concerned that FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa would be against this and he remonstrated his concern to the Emperor. This was due to the background that Imperial Prince Koretaka's mother was from the Ki clan and did not have strong political support, on the other hand, Imperial Prince Korehito's mother was Yoshifusa's daughter, FUJIWARA no Meishi. However there was criticism against this decision within the Imperial Palace, and there were arguments as to whether the decision was right or not, even after more than one hundred years had passed ("Gonki" Kanko 8, an article issued on May 27 (July 7, 1011).
This time as well, there was a conflict between Imperial Prince Atsuyasu and Imperial Prince Atsuhira (later called Emperor Goichijo), which was a similar situation when there was a conflict between Koretaka and Atsuyasu.)

After that he successively held positions like Dazai no sochi (Governor-General of the Dazai-fu offices), Danjoin (President of the Board of Censors), the Governor of Hitachi Province, the Governor of Kozuke Province, then he entred into the priesthood and went to live in seclusion in Ono, Shiga Country, Omi Province. Later on it is said that he also lived in retirement in Yamazaki and Minase, where he socialized with ARIWARA no Narihira and KI no Aritsune. There were some oral traditions of woodturner in the place like Kimigahara, Kanzaki Country, Omi Province, which it said Imperial Prince Koretaka was the originator of the traditions.

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