Imperial Prince Noriakira (式明親王)

Imperial Prince Noriakira (907 - February 4, 967) was a member of the Imperial Family during the mid Heian period. He was the sixth crown prince of Emperor Daigo and his mother, MINAMOTO no Kazuko, who was Jokyoden no nyogo (The Lady of Jokyoden Palace). His elder brothers-uterine included the fifth crown Imperial Prince Tsuneakira. His younger sisters-and brothers-uterine included the seventh crown Imperial Prince Ariakira as well as three princesses--Imperial Princess Keishi, Imperial Princess Shoshi, and Imperial Princess Seishi. Two emperors, Emperor Suzaku and Emperor Murakami, were both his younger paternal brothers. He took the daughter of Sangi (councillor) FUJIWARA no Genjo as his wife and had children including MINAMOTO no Chikayori and MINAMOTO no Chikashige.

On December 26, 911, he was given the title of Imperial Prince with his younger brother-uterine Ariakira (at the age of 5). On December 30 of the same year, he celebrated his attainment of manhood at Seiryoden (Literally "Limpid Cool Hall," an imperial summer palace) with his brothers Imperial Prince Shigeakira, Tsuneakira, and his younger brother Ariakira. On September 11, 959, he was entitled to enter the sanctum of a shrine or temple. On June 30, 961, he lost face because of a house search by kebiishi (a police and judicial chief) in which his second son MINAMOTO no Chikashige was arrested. This occurred because one of the robbers who was captured sneaking into the residence of MINAMOTO no Mitsunaka and questioned by kebiishi confessed that MINAMOTO no Chikashige headed the robbers and kept all the articles they had stolen. Imperial Prince Noriakira reported to his superiors (submitted a report to one's superior) that the son Chikashige "suffered serious diarrhea " but Chikashige was not granted a pardon and was arrested. The Imperial Prince himself also received punishment for "not being honorable."

He died on February 4, 967 when he served as Ministry of Central Affairs.

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