Imperial Prince Okusaka (大草香皇子)

Imperial Prince Okusaka (Okusaka no miko, year of birth unknown - March 16, 454) was a member of the Imperial family who lived during the Kofun period (tumulus period). He was the prince of Emperor Nintoku, and his mother was Himuka kaminagahime.

With his wife, Princess Nakashi, he had Prince Mayowa. When Emperor Anko tried to marry his younger brother, Emperor Yuryaku, with Kusaka no Hatabi no Himemiko who was the younger maternal half-sister of Imperial Prince Okusaka, Imperial Prince Okusaka consented, but Kebutsu (the Artificial Buddha) and Oshiki no Tamakatsura Crown which were presented as a token of his consent were stolen by his envoy, Nenoomi; in order to hide this, Nenoomi gave a false report that Imperial Prince Okusada had not consented, and as a result, Imperial Prince Okusada was killed. Afterwards, Emperor Anko made Princess Nakashi as his consort, but due to this affair, he created the cause for his own assassination.

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