Saionji Kishi (西園寺禧子)

Kishi SAIONJI (also known as FUJIWARA no Kishi and Empress Kishi, 1252 - June 3, 1318) was a chugu (the second consort of an emperor) of Emperor Kameyama during the Kamakura period. Her nyoingo (a title of respect given to close female relatives of the Emperor or a woman of comparable standing) was Imadegawain.


She was the daughter of Grand Minister, Kinsuke SAIONJI. Her birth mother was the daughter of Daigeki (Senior Secretary) NAKAHARA no Morotomo. The Grand Minister, Sanekane SAIONJI was her elder brother by the same mother. Before her bridal entry into court, she became the adopted child of Kitsushi SAIONJI (Omiyain) who was a chugu of Emperor Gosaga, and was the birth mother of Emperor Gofukakusa, Emperor Kameyama.

Brief personal history

In July 1261, she entered into the court at the age of ten, and was given the title of nyogo (a high-ranking lady in the court - a consort of an emperor). In September 1261, she was formally installed as chugu. Empress Kitsushi TOIN had been an empress by that time. Kishi had little affection from the emperor, whereas Kitsushi received a lot of affection from the emperor. Kishi never had a child with the emperor, and left the court six years after her bridal entry into court, when her father, Kinsuke passed away in 1267; she never returned to the court afterward.

In January 1269, she was given the title of ingo, and was referred to as Imadegawain.

She passed away at the age of sixty seven in 1318.

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