Mihara no Okimi (三原王)

Mihara no Okimi (year of birth unknown - August 27, 752) was a member of the Imperial Family in the Nara period. He was a son of Daijo-daijin (Grand Minister) Imperial Prince Toneri, and a grandson of Emperor Tenmu. He was promoted to Nakatsukasa-kyo (Minister of the Ministry of Central Affairs), Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank). Mihara no Okimi (三原王) was also written as 御原王.

After he served as danjoin (President of the Board of Censors), he was dispatched as jibukyo (Minister of the Ministry of Civil Administration) to offer a wand of hemp and paper streamers to Ise-jingu Shrine at the outbreak of the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu in 740. Then, he successively held positions such as Okura-kyo (Minister of the Treasury) and Nakatsukasa-kyo, and was promoted to Shosanmi in 749. Three years later, he deceased in 752.

Descendants of Ogura-o (Prince Ogura) and Ishiura-o (Prince Ishiura) who were sons of Mihara no Okimi, flourished as the Kiyohara clan, including famous poets such as KIYOHARA no Fukayabu, KIYOHARA no Motosuke and Sei Shonagon.

Chronological list of the main events

February 23, 717: Shojo(the first investiture), Jushiinoge (Junior Forth Rank, Lower Grade)
November 23, 717: Increased Fuko (Residential units [ko] assigned as fiefs [fu] to support top-ranking officials, temples, shrines, and royal households such as those of the queen-consort and crown prince).
April 10, 729: Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade)
January 21, 738: danjoin
October 10, 740: Dispatched to Ise-jingu Shrine to offer a wand of hemp and paper streamers.
March, 746: Okura-kyo
May 20, 746: Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade)
March 9, 747: Shoshiinojo (Senior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade)
March 26, 748: Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank)
May 26, 748: Became Yamatsukuri no Tsukasa (official in charge of erecting the mausoleum) at the time of the Retired Empress Gensho's death. September 29, 749: Nakatsukasa-kyo (There is a theory that he served as Chugukyo [the Minister of Chugu, Empress Residence]). October 25, 749: Princess, Oyake-jo (Princess Oyake) became Saigu (Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Ise-jingu Shrine).
January 12, 750: Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank)
August 27, 752: Kokyo (death of a man of more than Third Rank)
755: Wake-o (Prince Wake) and Hosokawa-o (Prince Hosokawa) were given the surname of Oka Mahito to be demoted from nobility to subject. 759: Wake-o regained his status as a member of the Imperial Family.

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