Nochi no Sanbo (三房) (後の三房)

`Nochi no Sanbo' refers to the three; Chikafusa KITABATAKE, Nobufusa MADENOKOJI, Sadafusa YOSHIDA, who served as aides of Emperor Godaigo from the end of Kamakura period to the period of the Southern and Northern Courts.
The origin of `Nochi (later) no Sanbo' came from the fact that the three of wise subordinate; FUJIWARA no Korefusa, OE no Masafusa, FUJIWARA no Tamefusa, who served Emperor Shirakawa during the Heian period had a kanji character of `fusa' (房) in their names, they were called `Mae (previous) no Sanbo.'

All three were wise subordinates of Emperor Godaigo; they were promoted to the rank of gon dainagon (provisional major counselor), which was incredible for their ancestries, and engaged in government practices. Later, Chikafusa was promoted to head of the Minamoto clan; and Sadafusa was promoted to the rank of nai daijin (minister of the center).

However, it is still questionable if all three of the wise subordinates were that well trusted as loyal subordinates of Emperor Godaigo. The three served Emperor Kogon during the reign of Emperor Kogon of the Jimyo-in Imperial line after Emperor Godaigo was transported during the Genko Disturbance; in Chikafusa's case, his son, Akiie KITABATAKE served instead of him since he already had become a priest by then. This phenomenon was often found among court nobles at that time. Besides, it is well known that he viciously criticized the Kenmu Restoration in "Jinno Shoto ki" (A Chronicle of Gods and Sovereigns) by Emperor Godaigo; Sadafusa was against the overthrow of the bakufu, and secretly informed the Kamakura bakufu of the Emperor's plan to rise in arms at the time of Genko Disturbance. As for Nobufusa, he parted ways with the emperor after his son, Fujifusa MADENOKOJI absconded when his advise to Emperor Godaigo was not accepted.

It is assumed that the three; so-called `sanfusa' attempted to serve Emperor Godaigo faithfully; but they couldn't follow the emperor's unique ways. Yet, Chikafusa and Sadafusa eventually ended their lives as members of the Yoshino Court.

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