Okinaga no Sukune no Miko (息長宿禰王)

Okinaga no sukune no miko (息長宿禰王; year of birth and death unknown; around the second century) was a member of the Imperial family. He was a great-great grandchild of the ninth emperor of Japan, the Emperor Kaika, and was a prince of Kanimeikazuchi no miko. His mother was Takakihime, a daughter of Taniha no totsuomi. He is known as a father of the Empress Jingu. His name is also expressed as 気長宿禰王.

From Kawamata no inayoribime, he had a prince called Otamusaka no miko. From Katsuragi no takanukahime (a descendant of Amenohiboko), he had Okinagatarashihime no mikoto, Soratsuhime no mikoto and Okinagahiko no miko. Okinagatarashihime no mikoto was later called the Empress Jingu.

He is enshrined in Hinade-jinja Shrine located in Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture together with Sukunahikona no mikoto and the Emperor Ojin. A large keyhole-shaped tomb mound found in 1882 in the precincts of Yamatsuteru-jinja Shrine in Maibara City (Yamatsutera-jinja Shrine Tomb) is considered to be that of Okinaga no sukune no miko.

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