Oshisakano onakatsunohimeno Mikoto (忍坂大中姫)

Oshisakano onakatsunohimeno Mikoto was the Empress of the nineteenth Emperor Ingyo and the mother of the twenty-first Emperor Yuryaku. Her father was Wakanoke futamata no Miko.

In the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), noted in the section of written records on the Ingyou Emperor Period, there was this statement: in the spring of, February 14, 413, the Emperor Ingyo had married the Empress. As a Nashirobe (a representative who served for Imperial family or the royal family, and administrated over the local regions, in ancient Japan; and the divided regions there, were ruled by the Imperial family or royal family.) for the Empress, this Ossakabe (Ossakabe clans) was established. It was said that at this same time, Hinoashikita no Kuni (Yatsushiro and Ashikita County, Kumamoto Prefecture), being one of those same Nashirobe, was established. The stones produced for building called "Aso Pink stones" (a kind of Ignimbrite or welded tuff formed from the Aso regional volcanic activity.), taken from this area, were particularly unique in their quality. Since the Aso Pink stones were used to build the stone coffins inside the kofun (tumulus) in Kawachi Plain, some scholars and historians take the point of view that this place and Hinoashikita no Kuni must be related.

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