Rokujo no Miya (六条宮)

Rokujo no Miya is Miyake (house of an imperial prince) thought to have existed in the Kamakura Period. One theory says that Rokujo no Miya was the earliest Miyake, but in present academic societies, most deny this theory.

Imperial Prince Masanari, the Imperial Prince of Emperor Gotoba and the younger maternal half-brother of Emperor Juntoku, became the adopted child of Imperial Princess Senyomonin Kinshi after his birth in 1200, and he was given the title of Imperial Prince when he was five.
During this time, Imperial Prince Masanari grew up at 'Rokujodono,' Senyomonin's Imperial Palace, and hence he was called 'Rokujo no Miya.'
Later, he was exiled to Tajima Province for awhile, implicated with his older brother Emperor Juntoku due to the Jokyu War, but he later returned to the capital and lived at Rokujoden again.

However, looking at the fact that the sons of Imperial Prince Masanari, such as Gon no Sojo (highest ranking priest, next to sojo) Genku (different person from Honen) and monk-Imperial Prince Chokaku, did not announce their name as 'Rokujo no Miya,' it is more strongly believed that Rokujo no Miyake was a name only for Imperial Prince Masanari, and is different from the present notion of Miyake (house of an imperial prince).

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