Sonshuo (尊秀王)

Jitenno (1440 - December 18, 1457) was the last leader of the Gonancho (the Second Southern Court) who attempted to rebuild the Southern Court (Japan). He was also called Kitayama no Miya Sonshuo. Fundamentally, his name should be written as Jitenno (自天皇), but articles at that time wrote his name as 'Tenno' (天王), to irk the Emperor in the Northern Court.


Facts about the life of Jitenno are not known for sure. His father is said to be Kuin (also known as Songi or Konzosu). Also, the father of Kuin is said to be either 良泰 OGURANOMIYA (a child of Emperor Gokameyama) or a son of a younger brother of Emperor Gokameyama (Goseiin no Miya Tokinari?).

Jitenno is said to have located his headquarters in Kitayama (present-day Kamikitayama-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture?) around the border between Yamato Province and Kii Province, or Sannoko (Kawakami-mura, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture).

After the Kinketsu Incident in 1443, the sacred jewel was in the hands of Jitenno of the Gonancho. After that, Taro IWAMI, Tatewaki NIBUYA, Mitsuyoshi KOZUKI, and others who were the vassals of the old Akamatsu family, made a proposal to serve Jitenno. However, this was a plot by Taro IWAMI and others, and Jitenno and his younger brother Prince Chugi Konomiya (he is said to be a Seii Taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") of the Gonancho, but it is not known for sure, and he is also said to have escaped from the palace only to die in the Motomura Plateau) were defeated and killed in the Imperial Palace. He was 18 years old. This is called the Choroku Incident.

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