Suzakuin (朱雀院)

Suzakuin is:
An Imperial villa where Emperors lived after abdication of the throne during the Heian period. Later mentioned.

Posthumous title for Emperor Suzaku. It originates from 1.

Common name for Emperor Suzaku after abdicating the throne in "Genji Monogatari" (The Tale of Genji). It originates from 1.

Suzakuin is one of goin (Imperial Palace after the abdication of the throne) for successive Emperors during the Heian period. It was located west of Suzaku-oji Street, south of Sanjo, and north of Shijo, and it occupied eight cho (blocks) of the eastern part of Ukyo Shijo Ichibo (it had largest scale next to Daidairi - the Greater Imperial Palace). The construction was Shinden-zukuri style (architecture representative of a nobleman's residence during the Heian period), and it is known that there were Jijuden and Giyoden, in a manner similar to Dairi (Imperial Palace).

It seems that it was established during the period of Emperor Saga (around the Jowa era (834 - 848) in Japan), and Emperor Uda repaired it and lived there after the abdicating the throne. Later, Emperor Suzaku also repaired it and lived there after abdicating the throne. In 950, it caught fire, and later, it was restored by Emperor Murakami. However, after Emperor Enyu, since it was not used as goin, it gradually deteriorated, and its functions were transferred to Satodairi (a temporary palace).

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