Tanbanomichinoushi no mikoto (丹波道主王)

Tanbanomichinoushi no mikoto (丹波道主王:year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial family (Royal family), who appears in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) and "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan). According to the Nihonshoki, his name was written as 丹波道主王 and 丹波道主命, while in Kojiki, he was refer to as Tanbanohiko tatasumichinoushinoo (旦波比古多多須美知能宇斯王). He was said to be one of the Shido-shogun (Generals Dispatched to Four Circuits), and he was dispatched to Tanba Province. He was the maternal grandfather of Emperor Keiko.

He was a son of Hikoimasu no miko and a grandson of Emperor Kaika. His mother was Okinaga no mizuyori hime (She was the daughter of Amenomikage no kami).

His brothers by the same mother were Mizuho no mawaka no miko (the ancestor of Chikatsuomi kanunowake), Kanunoone no miko (the ancestor of Motosunokuni miyatsuko and Minonosakinokuni no miyatsuko), Mizuho no ihoyorihime, Miitsuhime.

According to a theory, he was a son of Hikoyumusumi no mikoto (Emperor Kaika's son).

His wife was Tanbanokawakami no masu no iratsume. His children were Hibasu hime (Empress of Emperor Suinin), Nuhatanoniiri hime (consort of Emperor Suinin), Matono hime (consort of Emperor Suinin), Azaminiiri hime (consort of Emperor Suinin), Takano hime, Mikadowakenoo (ancestor of Mikawano honowake). According to the Kojiki, Utagorihime no mikoto was also his daughter.

The name of the place Kumihama in Kyoto Prefecture was first 'kunitsurugi' (国剣), a sword being carried by Michinoushi no mikoto, and later it changed to 'Kunimi,' 'Kumi,' forming names such as 'Kumi no minato' (Kumi port), 'Kumi no miya' (valley with the view of Kumi), and 'Kumi no hama' (Kumi Beach), which were thought to be the origin of the name Kumihama.

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