The Monk-Imperial Prince Kakuho (覚法法親王)

Monk-Imperial Prince Kakuho (February 9, 1092 - December 22, 1153) was a member of the Imperial Family and a monk during the late Hein period. He was the 4th prince of Emperor Shirakawa. His mother was a daughter of MINAMOTO no Akifusa, Shishi (Moroko). He was the 4th monseki (chief priest who is an Imperial Prince) of the Shingon sect of Buddhism, Ninna-ji temple. He was also called Koya omuro or Shorenge-ji Temple Shishionomiya.

He entered the priesthood and received commandments under the half brother monk-Imperial Prince Kakugyo, and his Buddhist name was first Shingyo and he changed it to Gyoshin, and finally to Kakuho. He was posted to a jimu (a post in charge of affairs of the temple) of the Ninna-ji Temple after the death of Kakugyo in 1105. He received kanjo (a ceremony similar to baptism) by bonzes Kanjo and Hanjun, and received a royal order to become an Imperial Prince in 1112. In 1139, he received the royal permit to take place in kanjoe (ceremony of kanjo) pursuant to that of To-ji Temple at his Kannonin Temple as goganji (private temple of someone). In 1141 when the retired Emperor Toba received commandments, Kakuho gave them to him. He performed Kujaku kyoho (a kind of Buddhist sutra) in order for the illness of the Emperor be cured when the Emperor had a prince. He was quite familiar with the practice of the Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, and advocated its Ninna-ji school.

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