The Yotsutsujinomiya family (四辻宮)

The Yotsutsujinomiya family is one of the houses of Imperial princes that existed during the Kamakura Period. This house of the Imperial prince is the first officially hereditary prince in history acknowledged by the Imperial Household Agency. The family line is confirmed to 3 generations by historical materials, however, later generations are unknown and are treated as a virtually discontinued family.

Brief Personal History
The founder was Imperial Prince Yoshimune. Imperial Prince Yoshimune was born in 1233 after Emperor Juntoku was driven into exile to Sadogashima island, and though the time is uncertain, he went to Kyoto and was raised in his grandmother Shumeimonin's place and given the title of Imperial Prince there, and inherited Shichijoin estate from his grandmother in 1251. Later, it seems he inherited his grandmother's Imperial Palace, 'Yotsutsuji-dono' near Ichijo-dori Street and Madenokoji-dori Street and it was called Yotsujinomiya. Twice in 1280 and May 1289, he gifted the estate of Shichijoin-Ryo to Emperor Gouda, however, in July, 1314, part of them (17 places) were returned by Emperor Godaigo to the prince. Imperial Prince Yoshimune became a priest in May 1291, and after that, he is called 'Yotsutsuji Nyudo Shinno' (Imperial Prince and Monk Yotsutsuji). He died at 85 years old in March 1317.

The 2nd generation, Prince Songa
According to the record of "Tsugenjishi," he named himself 'Yotsutsujinomiya' after his father, however, the years of his birth and death, etc. are unknown.

The 3rd generation, Prince Yoshinari
In 1356, he left his position as a member of the Imperial family and became a subject named 'MINAMOTO no Yoshinari (Yoshinari YOTSUTSUJI),' however, he also called himself Yotsutsujinomiya even after that ("Gogumaiki"). He wished to be given the title Imperial Prince even after he left the Imperial family, but in vain, and he became a monk in 1395.

After Prince Yoshinari, the details regarding the inheritance of descendants, residences, and estates are not known and the person named 'Yotsutsujinomiya' is not yet known.

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