Funya clan (文室氏)

The Funya clan was a descendent clan of Naga no Miko (Imperial Prince Naga), a son of the Emperor Tenmu. The Kabane (hereditary titles used in ancient Japan to denote rank and political standing) of the Funya clan was Mahito. The Funya clan (文室氏) is also written as "文屋氏."

In 752, Chinu-O (King Chinu) and Ochi-O (King Ochi) were given the surname "Funya" by the Emperor. Additionally, in 772, the surname "Funya" was again given to Oyasu (or Oo) HASE; such being the case, there existed several lines of the Funya clan (written as "文室氏" or "文屋氏") which were not descended from Naga no Miko. Of the lineage of the Funya clan were FUNYA no Ohara who was involved with the conquest of Emishi (a group of people who lived in the northeastern region of Japan) before SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro, FUNYA no Watamaro who was engaged in the administration of the Tohoku region (the northeast region of Japan) from his base in Isawa-jo and Shiwa-jo Castles and later appointed Chunagon (Middle Councilor), Sangi (Councilor) FUNYA no Akitsu who was involved with the Jowa Incident, and FUNYA no Yasuhide, one of Rokkasen (the six selected great poets of the Waka [Japanese poem] in the Heian period).

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