Fusehara family (伏原家)

The Fusehara family was a toshoke (the hereditary lineage of court nobles allowed to enter the tenjonoma in the palace) that was a branch family of the Funabashi family in direct line of descent from the Kiyohara clan. Through mediation by Emperor Gomizunoo, Katatada FUSEHARA (Junii - Junior Second Rank), Okurasho (Ministry of Finance) (1637-1705), who was the second son of FUNABASHI no Hidekata Ason (Jushiinojo - Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade), Shikibusho (Ministry of Ceremony), the family head of the Funabashi family was made to establish a branch using the family name of Fusehara. The Sawa family branched off from the Fusehara family.

The family status was hanke (lowest rank for toshoke) (kuge [court noble]). The Family business was myogyo-do (the study of Confucian classics). Kyokkan (the highest rank one can be appointed) the chronological order of family head was Shonii (Senior Second Rank) Shonagon (lesser councilor of state), jiju (a chamberlain) and myogyo hakase (Professor of Confucian classics).

Karoku (hereditary stipend) during the Edo Period was 230 koku (approx. 41.5 cubic meters).
Since the Meiji Period, their title was viscount

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