Katano Family (交野家)

The Katano family, which claimed to be descended from Kanmu-Heishi (Taira clan) TAIRA no Takamune-o line, belonged to the Tosho-ke (the hereditary lineage of Court nobles occupying relatively high ranks); the founder of the family was Tokisada KATANO (Daizen no daibu, or Master of the Palace Table), who was the last son of Tokiyoshi NISHINOTOIN (Junii Sangi, or Junior Second Rank, Councilor) (1552 - 1640).

Tokinao NISHINOTOIN (Junii Sangi) (1584 -1636), who was a close retainer of Emperor Gomizunoo, Tokitsune HIRAMATSU (Junii Gon Chunagon, or Junior Second Rank, Provisional Vice-Councilor of State) (1599 - 1654), and Tadayasu NAGATANI (Shosanmi Minbu taifu, or Senior Third Rank, Senior Assistant Minister of Popular Affairs) (1612 -1669), who was the founder of the Nagatani family, were his brothers.

The social standing of the family was Meika, upper rank of court nobles; the top rank the family could attiain was Junii Sangi.

The hereditary stipend was 30 koku, a ration for three persons in the Edo period. The family had been given the title of viscount since the Meiji period.

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