The Hamuro family (葉室家)

The Hamuro family were kuge (court nobles) with kakaku (family status) of meike (the fourth highest status for court nobles).
They came under the Kajuji line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan
Karoku (hereditary stipend) in the Edo Period was 183 koku (approx. 33 cubic meters). After the Meiji Restoration, held the title count.

This family was founded by FUJIWARA no Akitaka, Chunagon (Vice-councilor of state), who was descendant of FUJIWARA no Takafuji and the second son of FUJIWARA no Tamefusa, sangi (councilor). Akitaka was trusted by Emperor Shirakawa and a kuge who was called 'yoru no kanpaku' (Chief adviser to the Emperor behind the scene) and representative kuge during the insei period (during the period of the government by the retired Emperor).

After the Meiji Restoration on July 8, 1884, the peerage of count was conferred on Nagakuni HAMURO.

Nagamichi HAMURO served as the guji (chief of those who serve a shrine, controls festivals and general affairs) of Kotohira-jinja Shrine. Naomi HAMURO was adopted from the Nabeshima family. His descendant, Yoriaki HAMURO was a former guji of Kasugataisha Shrine.

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