The Nonomiya Family (野宮家)

The Nonomiya family were Japanese kuge (court nobles). They were a branch of the Kazanin family, FUJIWARA no Morozane line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan, and founded by Dainagon (major counselor) Sadatoshi NONOMIYA, a grandchild of Sadaijin (minister of the left) Sadahiro KAZANIN. They held the house status of the Urin family. Their karoku (hereditary stipend) was 150 koku (27.06 cubic meters) at first, later, added goryokumai (rice given to help the poor) 150 pyo (150 bales). Their kamon (crest) was kakitsubata (iris).

In 1609, Tadanaga KAZANIN was banished to Ezochi (Hokkaido) by Imperial order from Emperor Goyozei because of the Inokuma Incident, his son, Sadatoshi NONOMIYA was adopted and raised by his grandfather, Sadahiro KAZANIN, and later Emperor Gomizunoo allowed Sadatoshi to found the Nonomiya family. The second head of the family, Sadayori NONOMIYA, an adopted son from the Nakanoin family, learned Japanese and Chinese culture from Banzan KUMAZAWA, and the third head of the family, Sadamoto NONOMIYA, also an adopted son from the Nakanoin family, was well known as one of the Yusoku-shitenno (the four specialists of the ancient practices) (Kinzumi SHIGENOI, Tokikata HIRAMATSU, Motokazu HIGASHIZONO and Sadamoto NONOMIYA) and a sponsor to restore the Kamo Festival. Many members of the family held important posts in the court: The first head of the family, Sadatoshi became Buketenso (a messenger between the Imperial court and the military government), the sixth head of the family, Sadaharu NONOMIYA and the tenth head of the family, Sadanaka NONOMIYA became Giso (officer conveying what the congress decides to the emperor), at the end of Tokugawa shogunate, the eleventh head of the family, Sadaisa NONOMIYA became Goengumi-goyogakari (officer taking care of matches for the Imperial Family) for Imperial Princess Kazunomiya Chikako, he later also became Giso and Buketenso. In addition, the heads of the family left many documents including their diaries. In 1884, Sadayoshi NONOMIYA was given the title viscount.

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