Isatsu-gawa River (伊佐津川)

Isatsu-gawa River, a class B river system, runs mainly through Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture.


Isatsu-gawa River begins in the south of Mt. Misen (664 m above sea level) on the border between Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, and Ayabe City, and runs into Maizuru Bay through the Nishi-Maizuru urban area.


At the riverbed downriver, people can enjoy cherry blossoms and azalea, and also the cycling road and parks there allow many people to walk their pets or enjoy simply enjoy a walk by themselves.

Kyoto Prefectural Fishery Cooperation and Maizuru Fisheries Marketing Cooperative Association are established at the river mouth, and auctions are held at the market.

The midstream area is perfect for fishing for ayu (sweetfish) using live decoys, a gill net, or a cast net, but only people who have a fishing license issued by the Association are allowed to fish for ayu.

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