Kasagi-cho (笠置町)

Kasagi-cho is a town in Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture.

The town has adopted the motto 'Heart-warming town surrounded by beautiful nature and historic places.'
Local products are shiitake mushrooms and cucumbers.


April 1, 1889: Kasagi-mura, Kiriyama-mura, Ariichi-mura, and Asukaji-mura of Soraku-gun were merged to form Kasagi-mura.

January 1, 1934: The town organization took effect.


Mayor: Iwao NAKANISHI (from March, 2004), second term


Central station: Kasagi Station on the Kansai Main Line, operated by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West)


National route running within the town
National Route 163
Principal prefectural route running within the town
Kasagi Yamazoe Line of Kyoto/Nara Prefectural Route 4
Nara Kasagi Line of Nara/Kyoto Prefectural Route 33

Scenic sites, historic sites, tourist spots, festivals and events
On weekends, the river area along the Kizu-gawa River (Kyoto Prefecture), located beneath and west of the Kasagi-bashi Bridge, is full of tourists and their cars visiting the place. The place can be accessed via National Route 163 that runs along the Kizu-gawa River.

Telephone calls

The area code across Kasagi-cho is 0743 (the local exchange prefix is 95, Nara second message area (MA)). Minami-yamashiro-mura, Ikoma City, Tenri City, Yamatokoriyama City, Yamazoe-mura, Nara City (formerly Tsukigase-mura, Tsuge-mura), and Shijonawate City of Osaka Prefecture (Tawaradai area, within Ikoma Office) can be connected by numbers beginning with the local exchange number. Local rates are applied (though the area code is required) to numbers with the area code 0742 (Nara first message area (MA)), the major part of Nara City; calls to Nara Prefecture (including Yoshino-gun) are in-prefecture calls; and calls to Kyoto Prefecture except for Minami-yamashiro-mura are out-of-prefecture calls.

Scenic sites, historic sites

Prefectural Kasagi-yama Mountain natural park

Remains of Emperor Godaigo's Angu (temporary lodging built to accommodate an Imperial visit)

Bell for deliverance from earthly bondage in Kasagi-dera Temple

Kokuzo-seki stone, Magaibutsu (a Buddhist image carved into the surface of natural rock such as a cliff face, a large rock, or a stone cave), a line engraved seated Maitreya

Maitreya Magaibutsu was lost in the Genko no hen, the Genko Incident; at present, the outline of boat-shaped halo remains. It is the line engraved Magaibutsu at the Ono-dera Temple (Muro-mura, Nara Prefecture) and in Too, Kamo-cho, that copied this Magaibutsu.

Kasagi-onsen Hot Spring


Sakura Matsuri Festival (in April)Cherry blossoms along the Kizu-gawa River are illuminated in the evening.

Summer Festival (fireworks display) (on the first Saturday in August)

Kizu-gawa Toro Nagashi (floating lanterns on the water) (on August 16)

Kasagi Momiji Matsuri Festival (in November)Illumination in Momiji Park on the premises of Kasagi-dera Temple

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