Omi Hachiman City Preservation District for Groups of Historic Hachiman Buildings (近江八幡市八幡伝統的建造物群保存地区)

Omi Hachiman City Preservation District for Groups of Historic Hachiman Buildings is a name of a preservation district for groups of historic buildings located in the old urban area of Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture and it is a district with the area of 13.1 ha approx. centering on Hachiman-bori canal, precincts of Himure Hachimangu Shrine, Shinmachi-dori Street and Nagaharacho-dori Street. 180 buildings and 93 structures have been identified as historic buildings and structures.
On April 30, 1991, it was selected as a national Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings for the type 'towns of merchants' houses.'


For information on the region and its history, refer to section of Hachiman (Omihachiman City).

Its origin is the castle town constructed by Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI in the foot of Mt. Hachiman-yama located on the east shore of Lake Biwa in 1585 (Azuchi Momoyama Period). It was developed and flourished as a commercial district making use of geographical advantage of Omi Province which was an important point for traffic in which Tokaido Road, Nakasendo Road and Hokkoku Kaido Road crossed with each other.

In the vicinity of Shinmachi-dori Street and Nagaharacho-dori Street which run from south to north in the old town constructed on a grid and on the dike of Hachiman-bori Canal in the north, townscape with high continuity consisting of premodern buildings such as mercantile houses, traditional townhouses and dozo (storehouse with thick earth walls) exists even today. In the inside of the selected district and its vicinity, there are many modern buildings designed by William Merrell Vories, architect.

Main facilities
Hachiman-bori Canal
Omihachiman Municipal Kawara (roof tile) Museum
Shinmachi-dori Street
Omihachiman Municipal Archives
Former residential house of Nishikawa family (national Important Cultural Property)
Former residential house of Ban family
Vories Memorial House
Omihachiman YMCA
Former Hachiman Post Office
Himure-hachimangu Shrine

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Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture

25 minutes on foot from Omihachiman Station of JR Biwako Line
From Omihachiman Station of JR Biwako Line by Omi Bus destined to Chomeiji, at Obatacho Shiryokan or Shinmachi bus stop

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