Asahi Club (朝日倶楽部)

Asahi Club is Innai parliamentary group (May 25, 1898 - December 7, 1901) of the House of Peers existing in the Meiji period.

It was a parliamentary group of councilors who paid large amount of tax, which was close to Shinpo-to (Progressive Party) (Japan, 1896-1898) and was consisted of 14 people including 早家崇 in 1898. On February 20, 1899, Sanyo-kai (a group of the House of Peers) (Motohiro NIJO, Atsumaro KONOE and others) which was once a dominant group dissolved because of declining power, and then, it became a group of 22 member by merging with Asahi Club and being joined by Sukenori SOGA who broke from Konwa-kai (a group of the House of Peers) due to its internal conflict. However, as it was still a minority power, the members formed a new group, "Doyo-kai," by merging with Koshi-kai (renamed from Getsuyo-kai after its internal conflict) in 1901 in order to counter Kenkyu-kai (the House of Peers), targeting more strong solidarity.

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