Bunchi-ha Faction (文治派)

The Bunchi-ha was a faction that existed during the Toyotomi administration. The Bunchi-ha faction was the rival of the Budan-ha faction.

The faction included Mitsunari ISHIDA, a member of the Five Commissioners (administrative organization of feudal Japan), Yoshitsugu OTANI and Yukinaga KONISHI. After the death of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI in 1596, clashes between the Bunchi-ha faction and Kiyomasa KATO, Masanori FUKUSHIMA and others in the Budan-ha faction became more intense. In 1600, when Mitsunari and his followers took up arms against Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, who was a member of the Council of Five Elders, the Budan-ha faction sided with Ieyasu leading to the Battle of Sekigahara. The defeat at Sekigahara ended in the execution of Mitsunari and others, and the system of Five Commissioners of Toyotomi administration disintegrated.

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