Ishin no Sanketsu (The Three contributors of the Meiji Restoration) (維新の三傑)

Ishin no Sanketsu are Takayoshi KIDO, Takamori SAIGO, and Toshimichi OKUBO who made efforts to overthrow the Shogunate and contributed to the Meiji Restoration.

Of the New Meiji Government, there were three virtual saisho (prime minister), Takayoshi KIDO proposed the Constitution of 1868 as a full-time advisor to the General Bureau in 1868 and contributed to structuring the frame of the new government and state system through "kanri kosen (public election of government officials)", sangi naikaku sei (councilor cabinet system), Takamori SAIGO led the government and carried out remaining various policies such as shimin byodo (equality of all people) while some of highest ranks of governments were away on inspection trip to America and Europe (Iwakura Mission), Toshimichi OKUBO began to reign as if Otto von Bismarck after the Meiji roku-nen no Seihen (the political change in 1873, starting from disputes over Seikanron (debate on subjugation of Korea)).

Takayoshi KIDO's anniversary of the death is May 26,1877, Takamori SAIGO's September 24,1877, and Toshimichi OKUBO's May 14, 1878, as in order of when they became virtual saisho, and they died almost around the same time. The three contributors of the Meiji Restoration are described in "Meiji jidai (Meiji Period)", the last book (Vol. 100) of the "Kinsei Nippon Kokumin shi (history of the Japanese People in Modern Times,)" one of the great works of Soho TOKUTOMI, originally published by Jiji Press and the part was published later in the title of "Meiji Sanketsu" from Academic paperback library by Kodansha 1981.

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