Katakamuna civilization (カタカムナ文明)

Katakamuna civilization is a super ancient civilization that is said to have existed in Japan.

It is so called because the Katakamuna characters were used.


Katakamuna civilization is said to have existed at the end of the paleolithic period (Japan) before the Jomon period.

According to the Katakamuna documents, it is assumed that the civilization had highly sophisticated technology and an original system of philosophy. However, so far, no other buildings or remains that indicate existence of this civilization have been found.

How was Katakamuna civilization advocated

Kogetsu NARASAKI was the first to advocate the existence of the Katakamuna civilization in Japan.

According to his remembrance, Kogetsu met a hunter named Hiratoji whose father was the "Guji (chief of those who serves shrine, controls festivals and general affairs) of Katakamuna Shrine" during his investigation in Kincho-san mountain in Rokkosan in Hyogo Prefecture and he showed him the makimono, the shintai (sacred object) of the shrine.

What was written there were geometric characters created by circles and straight lines.

Kogetsu, who instinctively felt this was an important document asked Hiratoji to allow him to copy it. Hiratoji kindly agreed to the request and Kogetsu transferred all characters to the notebook he carried for research.

The amount of document was not what can be transferred in a day, so Hiratoji visited Kogetsu every day to deliver the makimono for 20 days. Kogetsu often sent postcards to his house to notify his family of his safety, but his daughter remembers that Kogetsu did not send any postcards for a month during this time.

Later, Kogetsu succeeded in deciphering this document (commonly called "Katakamuna documents") over five years. He found that the document dealt with natural science for practical purpose.

These characters were called "Katakamuna characters" from the location where they were enshrined and "Katakamuna Civilization" was advocated as the civilization in which the characters were used.

Negative ion
According to Noboru YAMANOI, a researcher of negative ions, "Plant wave agriculture method" named by Kogetsu NARASAKI is, in fact, "Negative ion agriculture".

Katakamuna culture in fiction

With a motif of this civilization (to be precise, the document deciphered by Kogetsu), Alchemist created their original game "Katakana - lost causality".

The Katakamuna characters are used on the background of the logo and documents considered to be katakamuna documents appear and play very important roles in the story.

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