Okidome Domain (興留藩)

Okidome Domain was a feudal domain located in Yamato Province (present-day Okidome, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture)

History of the domain

In 1679, Nobuyuki MATSUDAIRA was granted the domain of Yamatokoriyama with 80,000 koku (an unit of assessed crop yields of the land [1 koku: about 180 liter], which was also used to express the size of the land). His domain was increased by 10,000 koku and moved to Koga Domain in Shimosa Province, with his promotion as roju (member of shogun's council of elders), but this was cut short by his death in the following year. After his death, his eldest son Tadayuki MATSUDAIRA inherited the family heritage and 80,000 koku out of 90,000, with the remaining 10,000 koku going to his second son Nobumichi MATSUDAIRA. Nobumichi set up the jinya (regional government office) in Okidome, Yamato Province, leading to the foundation of Okidome Domain.

However, the lunacy of his brother Tadayuki who had inherited the main family heritage and Furukawa Domain led to forfeiture of his domain in November 1693; subsequently Nobumichi was appointed as heir of Matsudaira (Sakurai) family and was transferred to Niwase Domain of Bicchu Domain with increase of rice yield by 20,000 koku, resulting in the closure of Okidome Domain. The jinya was also destroyed in August of the following year.

Successive lords of the domain

Matsudaira (Fujii) family
Fudai daimyo (a daimyo in hereditary vassal to the Tokugawa family)
10,000 koku


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