The Miyoshi Truimvirate (Miyoshi Sanninshu, three chief retainers of the Miyoshi clan) (三好三人衆)

The Miyoshi Triumvirate consists of Nagayuki MIYOSHI, Masayasu MIYOSHI and Tomomichi IWANARI who stood out in the history of Japan's warring period for their activities in the Kinai region. The name originates from the fact that all three are members and important officers of the Miyoshi clan.

In the days when Nagayoshi MIYOSHI headed the clan, all three were important clan figures heading their own troops. After Nagayoshi's death, the three men emerged as custodians of the successor Yoshitsugu MIYOSHI who was still a child and all of Nagayoshi's brothers were deceased and collaborated with Hisahide MATSUNAGA, another Miyoshi commander wielding similar power, in the assassination of Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA (Eiroku no hen). Eventually, they clashed with Yoshitsugu and Hisahide. This became a factor of confusion in the Miyoshi regime, eventually working in the interests of Nobunaga ODA who supported Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA.

The Miyoshi triumvirate tried to resist Nobunaga's visit to the Imperial Court in Kyoto in 1566 but failed, marking the decline of their power, and Tomomichi died in battle during the Genki Period while the others disappeared without a trace, then with the declining power of Miyoshi clan in Kinai region, the activities of Miyoshi Triumvirate signified the complete end. Although Nagayasu disappeared from history, Masayasu re-emerged as a vassal of the Toyotomi clan and died in the Battle of Osaka.

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