Ariwara no Motokata (在原元方)

ARIWARA no Motokata (year of birth and death unknown) was a waka poet in the Heian period. His father was one of the Chuko sanjurokkasen (medieval 36 Immortal Poets) ARIWARA no Muneyana, and his grandfather was ARIWARA no Narihira who was one of Rokkasen (six best waka poets) and one of the Sanjurokkasen (36 Immortal Poets).

Although his grandfather was a grandchild of the Emperor Heizei (he was a great-great-grandchild of the Emperor Heizei), Motokata's official court rank or career is unknown.

His waka poems were selected in the folllowing chokusen wakashu (anthologies of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command): fourteen poems for "Kokin Wakashu" (A Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry), eight poems for "Gosen Wakashu" (Later selected collection of Japanese poetry), two poems for "Shui Wakashu" (Collection of Gleanings of Japanese Poems) and nine poems for "Shinkokin Wakashu" (New Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry) and other chokusen Wakashu that follow.
He composed Kantoka (a prefatory poem or an opening poem) for 'Kokin Wakashu.'
He privately compiled 'Motokata shu,' but it has been transmitted only in fragments.

Representative poem
Waves lapping against the shore are just looking at the shore and going back into the sea; with Kakekotoba (one of waka's oratories), it also means that I cannot see you at night, just reproaching you and going home (Kokin Wakashu, Love vol.3, 626).

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