Ariwara no Muneyana (在原棟梁)

ARIWARA no Muneyana (year of birth unknown - 898) was a waka poet in the early Heian period. His first name is also called "Munehari." His father was ARIWARA no Narihira who was one of Rokkasen (six best waka poets) and one of the Sanjurokkasen (36 Immortal Poets). His children include one of the Chuko sanjurokkasen (medieval 36 Immortal Poets) ARIWARA no Motokata and the mother of FUJIWARA no Shigemoto. Muneyana was also selected as one of the Chuko sanjurokkasen.

Although his father was a grandchild of the Emperor Heizei, Muneyana's official court rank was not high and it remained Jugoinojo Chikuzen no kuni no Kami (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade, an officer in charge of regional administration in Chikuzen).

His waka poems were selected for Chokusen Wakashu (anthologies of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command): four poems for "Kokin Wakashu" (A Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry), two poems for "Gosen Wakashu" (Later selected collection of Japanese poetry), and one poem for "Shokugoshui Wakashu" (Later Collection of Gleaning Continued).

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