Aki no Yonaga Monogatari (Tales of Long Autumn Nights) (秋夜長物語)

"Aki no Yonaga Monogatari" is a representative chigo monogatari (tales of chigo, or page), about male homosexuality between priests and chigo. It consists of one volume. The author and the year of creation are unknown. There is a printed book of the tale published in 1642.

During the reign of Emperor Gohorikawa, when the venerable Sensai was still Keikai Risshi (Buddhist priest) in Mt. Hiei, he and Umewaka, who was a son of Hanazono Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) and also a chigo in Miidera and Shogoin Temples, slept together.

The venerable Sensai is a character borrowed from reality, but the tale was embellished on the basis of the fact which was written and collected in Saigyo's "Senjusho" (compiled Buddhist tales of 13th century).

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