Bunka Shureishu (文華秀麗集)

Bunka Shureishu is a Chokusen Kanshishu (a collection of Chinese verses compiled by Imperial command) compiled at the command of Emperor Saga in 818 during the early Heian period. The compilation consists of three volumes. As one of the three anthologies compiled by Imperial command, this compilation succeeded the earlier compiled Ryounshu. Bunka Shureishu was compiled by a number of people, including FUJIWARA no Fuyutsugu and SUGAWARA no Kiyokimi. Within the compilation, there are as many as 28 writers, including Emperor Saga and Emperor Junna, and it is said that works by the delegates from the country of Bo Hai, as well as a number of poetesses were also a part of this anthology. Originally, 148 poems were included in the Bunka Shureishu, but five of them did not remain in the collection. The compilation is stored in a Gunsho Ruiju (a collection of historical documents compiled by Hokiichi HANAWA).

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