Emperor Suzaku (朱雀帝)

Emperor Suzaku (Suzaku no Mikado), or Suzakuin, is the second emperor in "The Tale of Genji" (the period of his reign, the chapter of 'Aoi' (Hollyhock) to 'Miotsukushi' (Channel Buoys)). A fictitious character. He appears from the chapter of 'Kiritsubo' (The Paulownia Court) to 'Yugiri' (Evening Mist).

He was Togu, the first prince, of the Emperor Kiritsubo, and his mother was Kokiden no nyogo (the Empress Kokiden). He was three years older than Hikaru Genji, and they had different mothers. At the age of 24, his father Emperor Kiritsubo abdicated the throne in favor of his son (between the chapters of 'Hana no En' (The Festival of the Cherry Blossoms) and 'Aoi').

When he was still Togu, he proposed marriage to Aoi no ue (Lady Aoi), but Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) refused him. After that, Oborozukiyo (the misty moon) was scheduled to enter the Imperial court, but it was canceled due to her illicit intercourse with Genji (later Oborozukiyo served as Naishi no Kami (Principal Handmaid)). After all, the Emperor Suzaku did not have an influential wife, and there was no Empress in kokyu (empress's residence).

He had a mild character, and felt small in the presence of Genji, who was superior to him in everything such as figure and education, so the Emperor Suzaku did not blame Oborozukiyo and loved her even after he knew the illicit intercourse between Genji and she. However, he could not stop her mother, the Empress Kokiden, and others from banishing Genji. After Genji confined himself to his residence at Suma, the Emperor Suzaku received a reprimand from Kiritsuboin, who appeared in his dream, and suffered from eye trouble due to the anxiety. His maternal grandfather, Daijo-daijin (Grand minister of state) (the Emperor Kiritsubo's Udaijin (Minister of the Right)) passed away, which also led him to call Genji back at last, overcoming the opposition of his mother, and at the age of 32, he abdicated the throne in favor of the Emperor Reizei, his younger brother by a different mother (in fact, he was Genji's son). After his retirement, he lived in Suzakuin (this is why he came to be known by the name of 'Suzakutei' or 'Suzakuin'), and he lived with Oborozukiyo happily, but at the same time he loved the Empress Akikonomu, a daughter of Rokujo no Miyasudokoro, though his love was hopeless due to the intention of Genji, who became an adoptive father of Saigu (Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Ise-jingu Shrine).

At the age of 42 or 43, his mother passed away, and he became a priest quickly due to his mother's death and his own sickness. Then he made his beloved daughter, Onna Sannomiya, who did not have a supporter, leave the Imperial family and marry Genji.
However, this marriage failed, and Suzakuin, who did not know of the sexual intercourse between Onna Sannomiya and Kashiwagi, made Onna Sannomiya become a nun complaining to glacial Genji. ('Wakana' (Spring Shoots) and 'Kashiwagi' (The Oak Tree))
Onna Ninomiya (Ochiba no Miya) also hoped to become a nun due to the death of her husband, Kashiwagi, and her mother, but he did not allow her, worrying about appearances and what people would think. His later years were not known, and the only thing that is known in the chapter of 'Yadorigi' (The Ivy), is that he already passed away.


Jokyoden no nyogo (The Lady of Jokyoden Palace) --- a younger sister of Higekuro. The mother of Kinjo no Mikado. She passed away before Kinjo no Mikado succeeded to the throne, and was conferred court rank of Empress Dowager posthumously.

Higyosha no nyogo (Genji no nyogo) --- a princess of the preceding Emperor, and also a younger sister of Fujitsubo by a different mother. Mother of Onna Sannomiya. Died before Onna Sannomiya's marriage to a subject.

Reikeiden no nyogo --- a daughter of Todainagon (a son of Emperor Kiritsubo's Udaijin). A niece of the Empress Kokiden. Her name is mentioned in the chapter of 'Sakaki' (The Green Branch).

Koi (a lady in waiting in the court) (Ichijo no Miyasudokoro) --- the mother of Ochiba no Miya.
She passed away in the chapter of 'Yugiri.'

Naishi no Kami (Oborozukiyo) --- the sixth daughter of the Emperor Kiritsubo's Udaijin. A younger sister of the Empress Kokiden by a different mother. In short, the Emperor Suzaku's aunt. She lived in Kokiden (one of the Heian Palace buildings), and was loved most by the Emperor Suzaku, but she did not have a child.

Imperial princes and princesses

The first prince --- Emperor Reizei's togu. He succeeded to the throne in the second volume of 'Wakana,' and became Kinjo no Mikado.

The first princess --- Onna Ichinomiya
Her name was mentioned in the first volume of 'Wakana.'

The second princess --- Ochiba no Miya. In the second volume of 'Wakana,' she got married to Kashiwagi, leaving the Imperial family, and after the death of Kashiwagi, she was married to Yugiri.

The third princess --- Onna Sannomiya
In the first volume of 'Wakana,' she left the Imperial family and got married to Hikaru Genji, becoming his lawful wife. The mother of Kaoru.

The fourth princess --- Onna Shinomiya
Her name was mentioned in the first volume of 'Wakana.'

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