Fujibakama (Thoroughwort Flowers) (藤袴)

Fujibakama is one of the 54 chapters of "The Tale of Genji." It is the 30th chapter.
The title of this chapter was derived from the waka poem that Yugiri composed: 'I am thoroughwort laden with dew and in the same field as you are; Please have pity on me.'

Hikaru Genji, age 37, in autumn.

Omiya passed away, and Tamakazura, who had been appointed to Naishi no tsukasa (female palace attendant), was in mourning for her grandmother, and was worried about entering the service. Then Yugiri appeared as a messenger for his father, Hikaru Genji, and he offered thoroughwort flowers to her on the pretext of kinship, confessing his secret love for her, but she did not take him seriously. Yugiri came back to Genji, and tenaciously questioned him about what he really intended to do with Tamakazura, saying that there was a rumor that he would take her as one of his concubines.

The period of mourning ended, and it was decided that Tamakazura would enter the service in October. Her suitors would not give up, though, and sent letters; Higekuro and Hotaru Hyobukyonomiya were especially infatuated with her. Out of all of them, Tamakazura only replied to Hotaru Hyobukyonomiya.

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