Ichidai Yoki (一代要記)

Ichidai Yoki is one of the chronicles. The compilers are unknown. It was completed during the reign of Emperor Gouda, and had been written from the late Kamakura period to the beginning of the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). While the Mito Tokugawa family was searching for historical materials in "Dainihon shi" (Great History of Japan) during the Enpo era, the chronicle was found in the Kanazawa library and they made ten copies of the manuscript, which were put into circulation.

It consists of four volumes of spring, summer, autumn, and winter (the popular edition consists of ten volumes): the volume of spring covers the periods from a mythological age to the reign of Emperor Daigo, the summer covers the reigns of Emperor Suzaku to Emperor Takakura, the autumn covers the reigns of Emperor Antoku to Emperor Gosaga, and the winter covers the reigns of Emperor Gofukakusa to Emperor Hanazono. However, the middle and ending parts are missing so it is not clear when the last article was finished. As the title of the book suggests, the book mentions each Emperor's posthumous name or the name bestowed after death which is followed by a brief biography, and the incidents that took place during his reign were written briefly in chronological order, and moreover there are categories of abdicated Emperor, Crown Prince, consorts of Emperor, the high priestess of Ise, Sekkan (Regent and Chancellor), Otodo (Minister), Dainagon (chief councilor of state), Sangi (Councillor), Kuroudono kami, Prince and Princess, in which the name of the person in question is mentioned. A genealogical table of Imperial family is featured in the book, in which the emperor and his sons and daughters are connected with lines, but in some popular editions the lines are omitted. The book collected in the Kanazawa library, which was the original manuscript of the popular edition, is still extant in the Higashiyama library, and some fragments of the book are owned by Takamatsu no Miya. Yorihiro MATSUDAIRA, Lord of Takamatsu Domain, ordered Mifuyu TOMOYASU, a scholar of Kokugaku (National Learning), to compile a sequel to this book called "Rekicho Yoki" and he presented it to the Imperial court.

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