Jijoron (Self-help) (自助論)

Self-help is a handbook written by Samuel Smiles which was published in 1859.


Self-help was published by John Murray Publishers in 1859. The opening sentence that reads, 'Heaven helps those who help themselves' is well-known.

Saigoku Risshihen

Translated by Masanao NAKAMURA who was then an exchange student sent by the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), Self-help was released under the title of Saigoku Risshihen in 1871 in Japan. Saigoku Risshihen sold over one million copies by the end of the Meiji era.

Saigoku Risshihen as a textbook
When school system was issued in 1872, Saigoku Risshihen started to be used as a textbook. In 1880, however, the Ministry of Education of the time disqualified the translation. In 1883, since the Ministry of Education established the approval system for textbooks, Saigoku Risshihen became discontinued as a textbook.

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