Kasa no Kanamura (笠金村)

KASA no Kanamura (year of birth and death unknown) was a poet during the Nara Period. His kabane (hereditary title) was Ason, but his status by birth is unknown.

"Manyoshu" (the oldest anthology of tanka) includes his 45 poems; among which are poems with dates of composition indicating that he was actively writing poems for at least nineteen years, from 715 when he composed a Banka (lament) for Prince Shiki to 733 when he wrote "贈入唐使歌" (a poem presented to a Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China). In the period from 724 to 729 in particular he wrote six choka (long poems) which put him at the same level as other poets of his time, such as KURIMAMOCHI no Chitose and YAMABE no Akahito. "Manyoshu" Volume Six begins with KASA no Kanamura's poem that praised the Emperor Tenmu's era as the divine age.

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