Kingyoku Wakashu (Gold gems poetry collection) (金玉和歌集)

Kingyoku Wakashu is a personal collection of poetry written in the mid Heian period.
Its author is considered to be 'a student of Japanese poetry KAKINOMOTO no Suenari.'
However, there was no title as 'a student of Japanese poetry' in Daigaku-ryo (Bureau of Education under the ritsuryo system), and it was actually FUJIWARA no Kinto who used a changed name. It is supposed to have been compiled from 1007 to 1011.

According to the preface of "Goshui Wakashu" (4th imperial anthology), Kinto described the origin of the title as 'I chose the best of best poets in the past and now, and named it as a collection of gold gems.'
Among many waka from "Manyoshu" (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) to the present (Kanko era), total 78 poets are recorded in three parts: 39 poets in four seasons (spring: 22, summer: 2, autumn: 7, and winter: 8), 7 poets in love, and 32 poets in misc (there are books that contain 69 poets or 76 poets). Among kajin (waka poet), KI no Tsurayuki has the most poets (eight), followed by OSHIKOCHI no Mitsune and Ise (Poetess).

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